Isto foi

‘A fotografia não transforma a ausência em presença, mas antes assinala a sua passagem’
Margarida Medeiros

This project responds to the inability to control change and, consequently, time and the impossibility of dissociating the body from history. In this specific case, this change is associated with the physical separation between my body and the house where I was born and grew up for 24 years. It arises from a need to restore a connection that will no longer exist, but that will be mine forever.
“Isto foi” is based on the aesthetics of what has disappeared, the overlapping and succession of images arise from the need to merge spaces that represent different times, merging several pasts into the same image.

The transparency transmits the fragility and lightness of the memories that are here made momentarily visible and create an effect of immateriality of these bodies.
The association of the photographic medium with archival drawings from my childhood imagination creates a metaphor for the less rational, conscious and intelligible aspects experienced in this space.


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